Pokemon Cards

Below are some pictures of some of my old Pokemon Cards. These are mostly from the earliest sets, i.e. base, jungle, fossil, and some team rocket cards.

I didn't play the TCG back in the day, I just collected the cards. I have awarded a score out of five for each card based on how cool I think it looks.

Base Set Charizard: One of the most saught after cards, some people were willing to do unspeakable things to get one. I got mine from a booster pack. It's still in excellent condition, just the side is slightly scuffed revealing a tiny bit of holographic foil. Easily one of the best looking cards in the set. Artwork rating: 5/5.

Base Set Venusaur: Somehow I have two of these, both are in good condition. Probably the least popular of the three starting Pokemon but still very cool. I don't like the artwork as much as Charizard and Blastoise, as Venusaur looks a bit chubby here. Still looks good though. Rating: 4/5.

Base Set Blastoise: Fantastic artwork and my copy is in great condition. The holographic effect fits the card superbly. Rating: 5/5.

Base Set Hitmonchan: Apparently Hitmonchan was a very strong Pokemon that featured in many decks, due to its great stats and not needing any evolutions. My copy is a bit scratched up. The artwork is decent enough, I give it a 3/5.

Jungle Snorlax: Really like the look of this card. Unfortunately mine's in pretty terrible condition as I accidentally put it through the washing machine, forgetting to take it out my trouser pocket. I give the artwork a 4/5 rating.

Base Set Ninetails: One of the less valuable base set holographic cards. Like Hitmonchan, you could get Ninetails from a theme deck. The artwork is fine, but I don't think the holographic effect is as impressive as some of the other cards. Rating: 3/5.

Base Set 2 Chansey: Why does a chansey have the same health as Charizard? The artwork is pretty standard, a basic picture of a Chansey with a plain background. My copy is from Base Set 2, which is a reprint of the original base set. Rating: 3/5

Base Set Polywrath: My copy is near-mint condition and possibly the best condition holographic card I have. This one has a really nice background that goes well with the Polywrath. Rating: 4/5

Jungle Jolteon: I think Flareon is my favourite of the three Eevee evolutions. Jolteon looks good enough, but nothing too special. Rating: 3/5

Fossil Dragonite: Dragonite is no Charizard but it is certainly one of the better-looking rare fossil cards. I'm not quite sure what the background is meant to be but it fits the holographic effect well. Rating: 4/5

Fossil Magneton: The original base set Magneton had 3D artwork, but the fossil version is a 2D cartoon. I think the fossil one looks much better. Rating: 4/5

Fossil Ditto: My copy is a bit scratched and scuffed. The holographic effect on this card isn't too bad, but the artwork is a little dull. Rating: 2/5.

Fossil Zapdos: Holographic and pretty good condition, I think the base set Zapdos has better artwork but Zapdos always looks cool anyway. Rating: 4/5.

Promo Mew: One of the earliest "black star" promo cards. I got this one through a trade, but originally collectors got this by attending a Pokemon League event. Would look much better as a holographic card I think. Rating: 3/5.

Various Promo Pikachus: Can't remember how I got these (would have been through some trades). They are in various languages, two are "black star" promos and the other two are limited edition version of the base set and jungle pikachus with a golden tail icon. I don't think any of the Pikachus look particularly amazing. I give each one a 3/5.

Team Rocket Rainbow Energy: I think this was the first ever rare energy card. The artwork doesn't look so good on the non-holo version, but it looks great with the holographic foil. Rating: 4/5.

Team Rocket Dark Blastoise: Another very cool looking card from the Team Rocket set. Mine is first edition too! Rating: 5/5.

Team Rocket Dark Magneton: The holographic effect on this card is very pronounced, as the foil takes up so much space and is set against a bright silver background. I think the magneton looks more cute than evil. Rating: 4/5.

Base Set Dragonair: I really like this card, despite its not being holographic. Maybe if they had released a holographic version, that one would get a 5/5 rating. Probably the best looking non-holo base set card. Rating: 4/5

Base Set Magmar: This is not a rare card (the black diamond in the card's bottom right corner indicates it is uncommon) but this is the only "shadowless" base set card I own. The first few batches of pokemon cards did not have drop shadows bordering their artwork, hence their being "shadowless" - so this Magmar is one of the earliest Pokemon cards printed. These "shadowless" cards are particularly valuable, with a shadowless Charizard being quite possibly the most valuable Pokemon card. Artwork-wise, I like this card, but Magmar has too much of a duck face. Rating: 3/5

Base Set Computer Search: Everyone's least favourite card, or at least one of them. Computer Search was a strong card in the TCG, allowing you to add any card from your deck to your hand. But visually it is very unexciting. It is just a picture of a vaguely pokemon-themed computer. Nobody wanted to get one from a booster pack! Rating: 1/5



11 July 2022

Hey mate. Love all these cards! Would have given the Pikas more points, they are classics and everyone loves them. Love that Base Set Charizard! Wouldn't mind one in that condition as I used mine too much back in the day. Awesome collection put more on please!


28 July 2022

Awesome collection! :D