Benefits of Eating Water Kefir Grains

15 March 2022

When you start making water kefir, over time you'll notice your grains growing and multiplying. Once your grains become really active they'll replicate especially quickly, as long as they are well-fed. You'll often end up with an excess of grains and you must decide what to do with them. You may use them to start brewing even larger amounts of water kefir, but if you want an extra probiotic boost you can just eat them too.

Eating water kefir grains is safe and gives you a substantial boost of beneficial bacteria. The grains sit in your gut for a while, producing new bacteria and further enhancing digestion. Drinking water kefir gives you a quick hit of bacteria and yeast, while eating the grains gives you a gradual stream of microbes.

Some people who cannot tolerate kefir well find they benefit a lot from eating the grains. Kefir grains are excellent probiotics in their own right, so much so that you do not have to drink any liquid kefir if you really don't want to. That said, doing both things - drinking the kefir liquid and eating the grains - will give you the best probiotic boost.

I put roughly a tablespoon of grains in my mouth and swallow them with a mouthful of water kefir. I eat the grains just after or during a meal, just like when I drink water kefir. You can try swallow the grains whole to keep them intact, but if they are large then it's fine to chew them a bit to break them up.

If you make milk kefir you can eat milk kefir grains too - but milk kefir grains tend to grow slowly and don't multiply as much. Unless you have a large milk kefir operation running, you won't be able to eat excess grains often. On the other hand, my water kefir grains grow quickly enough that I can eat one or two tablespoons of them per day.

So if you're having gut issues or otherwise seeking out an extra probiotic boost, eating kefir grains is extremely helpful.